Nothing better than making your hobby part of your work!

In the last years I have been focusing mostly in providing services for tourism professionals, local institutions and media*, as well as, specializing in wine & food experiences (nothing better than making your hobby part of your work!); collaborating, for example, with Romotur, the local designated agency of Great Wine Capitals in Bilbao, in order to form the GWC Travel Network, which has given me the chance to discover and enjoy some of the best wine destinations in the world.

Over these years reciveing visitors to the Basque Country I have had quite a few memorable personal and professional experiences of a very diverse nature. One of these occasions happened to me while introducing Bilbao to the particpants of congress on tourism, all seasoned and well trvelled professionals. To make a long story short, here I was with a really demanding audience of 40 on the top floor of open air double decker after having all the sound system on the bus failed, which meant: no microphone and no explanations from the cd they used and that I would complement at each point with extra informationon regarding its importance in the origins and transformation of Bilbao. The result was that I had to improvise the whole visit while trying to project my voice over the surrounding traffic.

One of the participants, Tadayuki Hara, PhD, Associate Professor & Associate Dean of Rosen College of Hospitality Management at University of Central Florida, was as kind as to record some of that day and to let me share the video for you to see for yourselves how things went.